Orynt3D usage reporting

Orynt3D sends some pieces of data (we call this "telemetry") to our analytics system, and as part of being transparent, we want to ensure you understand what is being sent and why it's important to helping us improve our products.

We absolutely don't collect any personally identifiable information about you.

Why do we need usage stats?

As a product team, our best case scenarios and our worst case scenarios look exactly the same to us.

  • Worst case: you hate the product and never tell us.
  • Best case: you love the product, it works flawlessly, and you never tell us!

We considered the option of not using telemetry and instead relying on you to keep us informed about how you're feeling, but you're busy doing great work. We hope our products are helping you do that, and the last thing we want to do is take your time away from doing great work to come and tell us everything is fine.

We don't want to distract you, so we built some extremely light weight telemetry that collects just enough information for us to get the details we need without bothering you.

The more people who send their usage stats, the more information we have to make decisions with. For example, if model library sizes increase and we see more people scanning more often, we would likely prioritise faster library scanning or more efficient usage of delta scanning.

We want to provide the best experience we can, and we hope you'd like to come with us on this journey.

What stats do we collect?

The stats vary depending on the version of the app being used. See below for per-version details.

This data is sent to our servers, where we use it to make decisions on future development.

Any changes to what's being collected will be marked in the release notes.

From v0.13.0

When the app closes, we capture some information about the session, and send a single packet of data that's shaped like this:

type TelemetrySession = {
  // Things we always care about
  date: number;
  version: Datatypes.System.AppVersion;
  errors: {
    isFatal: boolean; // found the secret level
    errorName: string; // does not contain any user information

  // Things that are currently on our mind
  sources: {
    imported: number;
    scanned: number;
  taxonomy: {
    tags: {
      source: number;
      user: number;
    attributes: {
      source: number; // from auto system
      user: number; // manual

From v0.11.0 - v0.12.0

We used Plausable Analytics to collect aggregate event information but since 1st September 2023 the account has been disabled, so no data is collected.

Up to 0.10.7

Since 1st Febrary 2023 the telemetry server used for 0.10.7 and earlier has been retired, so no data is collected.

Do you have a choice?


Part of providing the best experience we can is to allow you to chose not to participate, for whatever reason.

You can stop sending this information to us at any time by going to the Settings page and unchecking the data usage checkbox.