Advanced Search


To include spaces or other special characters like & in a keyword search, you can wrap the text up with quotes, demonstrated below with the third example for each keyword.

KeywordAlt keywordSearch returnsExample usage
#tag:Models that contain this tag#mytag, tag:mytag, #"space tag"
u#utag:Models that contain this user-added tag (as opposed to inherited from folders in Sources)u#mytag, utag:mytag, u#"space tag"
s#stag:Models that contain this inherited tag from Sources (as opposed those you've manually added)s#mytag, stag:mytag, s#"space tag"
f:file:Models that include this filenamef:myfile.stl, file:myfile.stl, f:"space file.stl"
in:collection:Models that are part of this collectionin:/my/collection/, collection:/my/collection/, in:"/space collection/"
at:path:Models that are directly under this pathat:/my/path/, path:/my/path/, at:"/space path/"
n:name:Models that have this namen:mymodel, name:mymodel, n:"space model"
note:Models that have a note that contains the textnote:"foo", note:foo


Multiple keywords in the search bar are assumed to be separated by an & (and).

The precedence order of operators is not, and, or.

OperatorFunctionExample usageDescription
!Logical "not"! at:/my/collection/Return models that are not in /my/collection/
&Logical "and"#mytag & at:/my/collection/Return models that are in /my/collection/ and have the#mytag tag.
|Logical "or"#mytag | at:/my/collection/Return models that are in /my/collection/ or that have#mytag tag.


WildcardFunctionExample usageDescription
*Match everything up to the next /at:*Matches the first part of every collection, in previous examples this would be equivalent to at:/my/
**Match everything!at:**Matches every collection! In previous examples this would be equivalent to at:/my/collection/


You can combine multple operators together in the same search.

in:/my/collection/ | at:/my/path/ & ! #mytag

This would return all models in collection /my/collection/, and all models at path /my/path/ that are not tagged with #mytag.

This is due to the precedence of the operators. Alternatively:

(in:/my/collection/ | at:/my/path/) & ! #mytag

This would return all models that are not tagged with #mytag in either/my/collection/ or at /my/path/.